Frequently Asked Questions: Sellers

How are you making any money if you're not taking a commission?

We're an exclusive club built for investors. We don't have a hidden agenda, and we don't have to inflate the prices to make a higher commission. We'll charge our investors a monthly fee in exchange for access to our fully-vetted deal flow.

We don't pick sides, and we evaluate (and value) sites objectively, based on years of experience in the digital marketing, SEO, and financial industries.

You, as a seller, will receive 100% of the sales price to your bank account after the deal goes through.

How much can I get for my website?

There are many factors that influence the website's value. We, generally, look at the last six or twelve months of revenue history. We'll take the average net revenue number and multiply it by a multiple (usually between 24-50x) to determine the best price for the website. The multiple depends on a variety of things, like:

  • site age
  • seasonality
  • stability (traffic, revenue)
  • monetization methods
  • content and backlinks quality

What if I want to ask more than your valuation for my site?

You most certainly can. However, we will still list our recommended valuation next to your asking price on the listing. The investors might want to negotiate with you, but it's up to you to accept or decline their offer.

What are some things I can do to make my site worth more or sell faster?

There are many things you can do to improve the valuation of your site. Such as: diversifying traffic sources, adding multiple monetization methods, doing CRO to maximize the value per visitor, build an email list, etc.

To sell your site faster, we recommend answering all the questions in the 'Sell Your Website' form in as much detail as possible. Try to avoid 1-2 word answers and elaborate whenever you can. Investors like the details, and you'll get a lot more interest if you invest some time and effort into your listing.

Will buyers be able to negotiate and offer lower or even higher prices than the listed price?

Yes. The buyers will, more often than not, try to negotiate with you. Sometimes you might even get a higher offer if the investor has a strategic interest and wants to close the deal quickly.

How certain are you that my site will actually sell?

Investors Club is an exclusive club that only accepts investors who have the funds ready and are actively looking to purchase a business. That means that, if your site gets into the platform, there's a good chance that it's a great fit for our investors. Hence there's a very high probability that your site will sell rather quickly.

How long does it take the average site to sell?

This is very hard to say because it varies from business to business. Online businesses that are worth below $100,000 tend to get sold within a couple of weeks. But it can certainly take more than that.

Businesses that are worth more than $100,000 can take a bit longer, but not necessarily. We've sold a business that was worth $250,000 in only three days, so there are no rules.

That's the reason why we're asking for a two-month exclusivity to list and sell your business. We'll be able to tell you more about the potential timeframe after we get all the details from you.

What happens if it doesn't sell?

The reason we ask for a two-month exclusivity to list and sell your business is that we're usually able to close the deal within that timeframe. If your site doesn't get sold after those two months, you can keep it with us, or you can list it somewhere else.

What kind of information do I have to give you to sell my site, and what information will be shown to buyers?

We ask all our sellers to confirm their identity by providing a clear picture of their ID or passport. We'll also ask you to verify the domain ownership, affiliate account ownership, and revenue that you claim the website is generating.

The buyers will see that your identity, domain, and affiliate account ownership have been confirmed (we won't show them the actual documents). They'll be able to see the website's traffic and revenue numbers, plus our detailed due diligence report.

What will you do with my personal information after the site sells, or is no longer for sale?

We'll keep your details on file in case you decide to list another business on the marketplace. Still, we won't use them for any marketing activities, and your details will never be shared with a third-party.

How long will it take before I receive the money?

This will depend on how you and the buyer arrange the deal. If you decide to use our Escrow service, the funds will be reimbursed to you within 12 hours after we complete the inspection period (usually seven days).

If you decide to use a third-party service such as, the funds will be reimbursed based on the deal structure between you and the buyer.

Here's a brief outline of the hypothetical transaction:

  • The buyer places a bid, and the seller accepts
  • We will draft an Asset Purchase Agreement which both parties will need to sign (after inspection)
  • We will send the wire instructions to the buyer and put everything on hold till the money lands in Escrow
  • Once the money lands in Escrow, we'll start with the technical transition (domain, site's files, hosting, affiliate IDs, etc.) and start the inspection period 7-14 days, depending on the deal between the buyer and the seller
  • After the inspection period, and if everything is within the baseline, we'll wire the money to the seller and officially close the deal
  • Both parties will receive a Bill of Sale, and the transaction will be marked as 'completed.'

How will the migration process work with the site, social media, and other accounts?

We have a specialized team that handles site migrations. That service is complimentary for all our investors and our sellers. The entire migration will be completed within 24h (usually much sooner).

What kind of support or ongoing questions will I receive after I sell my site?

That depends on the deal structure between both parties. Generally, we require at least 30 days of support to be provided by the seller. Some of the investors aren't tech-savvy, so you might have to answer a couple of basic questions. However, most of the Q&A will be handled by Investors Club.

Can I still try to sell through other brokers at the same time?

Unfortunately, not. We ask for a two-month exclusivity because we'll invest a lot of time, effort, and resources into your listing. We need enough time to make sure that we present all the details to the perfect investor. Sometimes, the investors will do their own due diligence, so the sales cycle might be prolonged because of that.